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We realize the Photo Gallery is not working. We're working on getting it back up soon.


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Cletrac Photo Album
Cletrac Photo Gallery- Now you can upload your own photos to share. Click on the link and register (you may have to wait to be approved the first time). Please use your real name when registering if you can. If you really don't want to use your real name, please use the same username as you use in the forum.

When you upload your pictures, please put them in the appropriate location on the site - most are sorted by tractor model, but we also have a section for plant pictures, attachments for tractors, plant personnel and dealer memorabilia, and an other section for stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else. If you can't figure out where something goes, send Blake an email.

For the time being, this photo gallery is in a beta stage as far as this site goes, so there is a chance things could change. Please always be sure to keep a copy of your photographs and never rely on this site to store them for you. When uploading, please consider the quality and interest to the viewer of your pictures. Select a few of your best and consider our storage space. We want you to share, but please don't send several of the same view of the same machine. Please limit your pictures to about 200 kb (the site should automatically resize them when you upload). Include a description with each photo so people know what they are looking at.

Though you retain the rights to your pictures, you, by uploading them to us at, give us the right to edit or delete them at any time and for any reason.

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Manuals & Literature

Now you can download Manuals and other Literature related to Cletrac and Oliver tractors. Selection will grow with time. Ask if you can contribute.

Specifications and Technical Information
Cletrac and Oliver Crawler Serial Numbers
list given to me by my late friend John Tomko (3.7 mb PDF)
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Parts Sources share with us your source for parts or substitute parts


See the instructions for the new Photo Gallery above.

As many of you know, I am way behind in putting new pictures into the old Cletrac Photo Album, so we are now going to use the Photo Gallery instead.

If you would like to send me pictures for other purposes on the site, please follow the instructions below:

To send pictures for use on this site, email your pictures to Please be sure to include any information you can about the picture. Also make sure you list your file names on your email when you send the pictures - I get lots of submissions and it is very easy to get them mixed up from their owners. Be sure to verify your email address if asked by my SpamArrest or I will not receive the email.


This site is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather Howard van Driest, who was my best friend and taught me almost everything I know mechanically and more. He was also Experimental Engineer at The Cleveland Tractor Company and The Oliver Corporation.
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